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Welcome to UK Partnerships For Christ. Our ministry has existed since 2011. We are an Apologetics Ministry that seeks to defend the Christian Faith against false teachings, and to show the world that the Christian faith is a reasonable faith to have.

We primarily focus on reaching out to members of the Mormon. and Jehovah’s Witness Movements.  These are the worlds largest groups to claim to be the one true Christian church, yet do not teach the same gospel that we find in the Bible.

We have two regularly updated blogs where we seek to challenge the positions of these groups, and equip Christians to do the same by writing clear and understandable articles laying out their position, and responding Biblically. These sites are:



Bobby Gilpin is the founder of this ministry. He has been studying Mormonism and the Jehovah’s Witness beliefs for around 10 years, he has been on 4 outreach trips to Utah, which is an American state which is 68% populated by Mormons.

Bobby giving a tour of Temple Square, Salt Lake City

Bobby has also been on Premier Christian Radio in dialogue with a Mormon, and has wrote articles for various Christian newspapers. You can see examples of what he has done here.

Bobby Gilpin teaching.

We have volunteers all around the country who are available to offer support to you if you are in the process of leaving the Mormon or Jehovah’s Witness Churches, or can come and give a teaching session on what these groups believe to your church or gathering. For more information please click on meet the team above.

As well as this we are starting a regular Apologetics meetup in the Teesside (North East) area. For more information please see the site for this here.

Please look around our sites and if you have any questions you can contact Bobby on the contact details to the above right.

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